Frequently Asked Questions about the 2017 CCI Budget Proposal

In January, Governor Brown released his 2017-18 budget proposal which continues Cal MediConnect and MLTSS. The State and DHCS are committed to increasing and improving the coordination of care for dual-eligible individuals. The budget reflects the Administration’s commitment to the principles of the CCI and making the necessary changes in order to make the Cal MediConnect program stronger.

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) said that the CCI will be discontinued due to its lack of cost effectiveness but Cal MediConnect and other parts are continuing. What is happening?

The CCI is not ending, it is being restructured for fiscal sustainability. Cal MediConnect and MLTSS will continue much as they are today, but eventually IHSS will no longer be a plan benefit. When created, the CCI included a requirement that the program be cost neutral. Due to changes unrelated to the CCI such as IHSS costs, the State was not able to demonstrate that the program is cost neutral. The State of California fully supports the effectiveness of this program and as such chose to continue it but under a different structure.

When will the counties be responsible for the cost of IHSS?

Due to statutory language, this change will be effective in the new state budget year, July 1, 2017. The State will work with the counties and other stakeholders to find common ground to ensure the program continues.

When will the IHSS program be taken out of CCI?

IHSS will remain a plan benefit in Cal MediConnect and MLTSS for the remainder of the calendar year. IHSS will no longer be a plan benefit beginning January 1, 2018, but will remain available to eligible beneficiaries as a fee-for-service benefit.

What will be the impact of the IHSS funding change for beneficiaries?

None. Beneficiaries’ access to IHSS will not be impacted. The IHSS program will not change – counties will continue to conduct assessments and determine hours and beneficiaries will continue to receive the same number of authorized hours and maintain their same authorities with respect to managing their IHSS workers.

Will it still be called the CCI?

At this time, the State does not have any plans to change the name of the program.

I heard the counties are upset. What if they don’t agree to this change? Will the CCI be discontinued?

The budget proposal is just that—a proposal. The State will work with the counties and other stakeholders to find common ground to ensure the program continues.

What about the Universal Assessment Tool?

The State has been working to develop a tool that could be used as a universal assessment tool, but has determined that the work conducted to date should be redirected. The State plans to assess how the work on the universal assessment tool can be used by the IHSS program in its individual assessment.

Is anything else changing about the program?

DHCS is also going to delay the transition of the Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP) from a fee-for-service waiver program to a full managed care plan benefit until the end of the demonstration in 2020. Current requirements would have the transition occur by the end of 2017.

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