September’s Outreach Event Recap

Highlighted Outreach Events

Los Angeles County

9/8 – Over 100 seniors stopped by an informational table at the City of Arcadia’s Health Fair, Fall into Good Health. Attendees had their questions about Cal MediConnect eligibility and benefits answered by an outreach specialist.



9/23 – Attendees of the Golden Future 50+ Senior Expo took part in a CCI presentation in Culver City. The overview covered options, benefits, eligibility, and the enrollment process. Participants also learned about Cal MediConnect’s care coordination, authorizations, and continuity of care features. Following the presentation, attendees asked questions and picked up informational.


9/28 – State outreach staff provided a CCI presentation to providers, IHSS administrators, peer advocates, and professional advocates at Access Now! in Los Angeles. Following the presentation, attendees connected with the presenter to facilitate ongoing outreach for IHSS advocates and caregivers.

Riverside County

9/13 – Members of the American Lung Association’s Better Breathers Club at Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center received a CCI presentation in Riverside. Attendees were introduced to the program’s benefits and enrollment qualifications and an outreach specialist was on hand to answer questions and provide informational materials.

San Bernardino County

9/6 – Outreach coordinators staffed an informational table for seniors at the Rialto Senior Center. Over 70 seniors stopped by to ask about benefit information, program requirements, and to pick up informational materials.

Other Recent Outreach Events

Los Angeles County

  • 9/1 – Presentation for advocates working with homeless seniors at the SPA 4 Navigational Meeting in Los Angeles
  • 9/13 – National Alliance on Mental Illness’ monthly meeting in Pasadena
  • 9/23 – Informational table for seniors and other stakeholders at Congresswoman Judy Chu’s health fair in Los Angeles
  • 9/27 – ILC Summit with Disability Collaboratives, together with all the Centers for Independent Living in Southern California, in Los Angeles

Riverside County

  • 9/16 – Informational table for beneficiaries and caregivers during the Oasis Flying Doctors and Medical Volunteers health fair in Thermal

San Bernardino County

  • 9/27 – IEDC Conference – “Agents of Change” in Rancho Cucamonga

San Diego County

  • 9/27 – CCI presentation at the San Diego County Community Advisory Health Net meeting in San Diego

Santa Clara County

  • 8/27 – Resource table at the Happy Hollow Zoo’s Senior Walkabout in San Jose
  • 8/31 – Presentation for Covered California Certified Enrollers in Milpitas

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