Raise Awareness to #FightFlu with CMS

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is promoting flu vaccinations through its #FightFlu campaign on December 4, 2019. We’re inviting CCI stakeholders to help share the message that getting an annual flu vaccination is important for beneficiaries and their families, care providers, and community members! CalDuals.org has numerous free resources that your organization can use to encourage flu prevention with dual eligibles and related populations. And because California is linguistically diverse, many of these free resources are available in different languages, including:

  • Arabic
  • Armenian
  • Cambodian
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Farsi
  • Hmong
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Tagalog
  • Vietnamese

In addition to these great resources, CMS has provided the below draft tweets, Facebook posts, and client-facing emails for you to customize. CMS hopes that your organization will help storm social media and email listservs to promote flu vaccines on or around December 4th using the hashtag #FightFlu.

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