July’s Outreach Events Recap

Highlighted Outreach Events Los Angeles County 7/8 – Seniors, caregivers and other stakeholders attended a Cal MediConnect Informational Forum and Health Fair at Centro Medico de Huntington Park in Huntington Park. The event was provided in English and Spanish by state outreach staff.. The event featured free health screenings and information from collaborative partners, including […] Read More

New Research: Progress toward the Coordination of Behavioral Health Care through Cal MediConnect

The UCSF Community Living Policy Center and the UC Berkeley Health Research for Action Center released a research brief examining the efforts of Cal MediConnect (CMC) plans to coordinate behavioral health services for their members. The brief describes the progress CMC plans have made toward better coordination of behavioral health services, including new integrated models […] Read More

Important Notice on CalDuals.org and Info@CalDuals.org Outage

Due to technical difficulties with www.CalDuals.org, the website and email info@calduals.org were down from Wednesday, August 2 – Friday, August 4. We’re very sorry for the interruption. We know how important this is to you. We are doing all we can to resolve the issue as soon as possible. If you tried to contact us […] Read More

June’s Outreach Events Recap

Highlighted Outreach Events Los Angeles County 6/2 – Outreach coordinators shared CCI information during the Los Angeles Aging Advocacy Coalition’s Summit on Aging. Over 400 advocates, community organizations, policymakers, beneficiaries, elected officials, government agencies, private sector companies, and other stakeholders attended the summit. The event’s theme was “Living and Thriving,” focusing on the personal experiences […] Read More

Los Angeles & Orange County Cal MediConnect Plans Pilot Projects to Reduce Avoidable Hospitalizations for Nursing Facility Residents

On April 1, six Cal MediConnect plans in Los Angeles and Orange County began testing interventions aimed at reducing avoidable hospitalizations and other adverse events for nursing facility residents. Each plan first identified a cause or potential cause of high hospitalization rates and then devised a quality improvement strategy to address the issue. The plans […] Read More