CCI 2016 Proposals and Announcements – Request for Stakeholder Comment

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The Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI), including Cal MediConnect, is a historic undertaking to help improve the lives of low-income seniors and people with disabilities in California.  DHCS developed the CCI through an intensive consumer and stakeholder process, and throughout the implementation process, DHCS has partnered closely with stakeholders and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to strengthen the program and improve the beneficiary experience – including the quality of care and care coordination.

Two years since enrollment into Cal MediConnect health plans began, there are approximately 123,560 beneficiaries in the program.  DHCS believes Cal MediConnect is a good program for dual eligible beneficiaries, and the early research results are showing that to be true.  Beneficiaries in the program are satisfied with their care and the care coordination they are receiving.

While these early results are encouraging, DHCS recognizes that for Cal MediConnect to be successful over the long term, DHCS and its partners must continue to strengthen the quality of care beneficiaries receive, and ensure sustainable participation in the program.  Earlier today, DHCS shared a comprehensive strategy with proposed policy changes that it believes will do just that.  DHCS is looking for stakeholder feedback on the proposals contained in that strategy.

DHCS is proposing a number of changes to improve and strengthen the program in areas of care coordination, continuity of care, and overall beneficiary experience – proposals developed based on that initial evaluation data from the beneficiary perspective and on stakeholder feedback on the program.  In addition, in order to sustain the program that data shows is working for beneficiaries, DHCS is proposing to expand enrollment, engagement and education efforts.

For more detailed information on all of these proposals, please review the following materials on

Stakeholder engagement and input is critical to the success of the CCI.  DHCS is requesting all stakeholder questions and comments be sent to  All stakeholder feedback is due by Friday, April 22nd.  DHCS is committed to transparency and will share additional materials for stakeholder input.  Stakeholder feedback will be reviewed promptly and DHCS will share final policy decisions in early May.

Thank you for your continued support of the CCI.

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