Benefits and Services

What Will I Get with Cal MediConnect?

With Cal MediConnect, you get a single health plan that provides all your Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits. This includes medicines, equipment, and supplies. Cal MediConnect plans offer extra services like care coordination, transportation, and vision care.

Getting care is simple.

When you have questions or need help, you only need to call one phone number. And to get services, you only need one card—your Cal MediConnect card.

Calduals Benefits

Personal Care Coordinator.

Your plan may assign you a personal Care Coordinator or you may request one. This is a nurse or other health care professional. He or she will make sure that your doctors, pharmacists, and other providers work together to help you take care of your health. You can plan your care with your Care Coordinator. Your family or friends can be involved if you want. Your Care Coordinator will also:
● Ask you what care or services you need and try to help you get those services.
● Be available for you to call and ask questions.
● Connect you with services you may need to help you live independently (such as meal delivery and help with personal care).
● Help you make appointments, arrange transportation, obtain authorizations, and check on prescriptions.
● Help you find the right providers.

Medicines, Equipment, and Supplies.

Cal MediConnect will cover and coordinate all your prescriptions, medical supplies, and equipment. Tell the plan if there is something you need but are not getting.

Dental Benefits.

Some plans offer extra dental services. Ask the plan about dental benefits.

Optional Benefits.

Some plans offer new benefits that will make it easier to live independently, such as wheelchair ramps in your home or grab bars in your shower. Tell your plan what you need.

Other Services

Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS)

Your LTSS services and providers will not change under Cal MediConnect. LTSS includes In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS), Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS), Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP), and nursing home care.
● Cal MediConnect will coordinate all LTSS services.
● Joining Cal MediConnect does not reduce your IHSS hours. In fact, your health plan may ask the county to reassess your needs. This may lead to more IHSS hours. You can still hire, fire, and manage your IHSS providers.
● If you are in a nursing home, you will not have to change it unless your health plan is concerned about the quality of care you get there.

Language Services

Your health plan must provide assistance in your language. Ask your plan and providers for an interpreter and documents in your language. Also ask them to note this in your medical record.
● If you speak American Sign Language (ASL), you have the right to a sign language interpreter.
● Language assistance includes medical interpreters (by phone, video conference, or in person). It also includes printed materials in your language.
● Your plan may also have providers and staff who speak your language.
● You do not have to pay for Cal MediConnect interpreters.