The SCAN Foundation funds two initiatives to better understand enrollee experiences in Cal MediConnect, and how this new integrated care program is changing the delivery system landscape in the state. 

The information below is from The SCAN Foundation. To learn more about these Medicare-Medicaid integration evaluation efforts, please visit their website.

1. Rapid Cycle Polling of Medicare/Medi-Cal Individuals – University of California/Field Research Corporation

The University of California has continued the work of Field Research Corporation, conducting polling to understand people’s experiences with Cal MediConnect.  The information produced is being delivered to state departments and health plans responsible for continuous quality improvement for the demonstration.

2. Multi-Year Evaluation of Cal MediConnect – University of California

The Community Living Policy Center at the University of California, San Francisco and the UC Berkeley Health Research for Action Center are conducting a three-year evaluation of Cal MediConnect.  Researchers are documenting the impact of the program on individuals’ experiences with care, including access, quality, and coordination. They are also examining service delivery system response to the initiative in several sectors, including health plans, medical care providers, behavioral health, skilled nursing, and home-and community-based services.