Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

As a member of a health plan, you have rights and responsibilities. You have these rights in all Cal MediConnect, Medi-Cal Managed Care, or PACE plans.


You have the right to:

  • Be treated with dignity, free from discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, age, or gender.
  • Get timely access to medically necessary services.
  • Be told where, when, and how to get needed services.
  • Take part in decisions about your care, including the right to refuse treatment or to choose someone to make decisions for you.
  • Be treated by providers who have experience and expertise in your condition.
  • Have your medical records, care plan, and treatment kept private.
  • Get a copy of your medical records and care plan.
  • Hire, fire, and manage your IHSS provider.
  • Have someone help you receive the health care you need.
  • Accessible care if you have a disability—including braille or large print and physical access accommodations.
  • Language services, including interpreters and documents in another language, if wanted.
  • File an appeal for services that are denied or reduced, and file a grievance (complaint) about your health plan.


You have the responsibility to:

  • Use providers in your health plan’s network.
  • Work with your provider and health plan to get prior authorization (pre-approval) for needed services.
  • Tell your health plan about your care needs and concerns.
  • Tell your health plan and your county Medi-Cal office about any changes in your contact information.


For more information about all of your rights, call the California Consumer Assistance Program at 1-888-466-2219.


Other FREE resources:

HICAP | 1-800-434-0222
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Health Care Options | 1-844-580-7272
Join or leave a health plan

Cal MediConnect Ombudsman Program | 1-855-501-3077
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