Care Coordination

How Does Cal MediConnect Coordinate My Care?

Cal MediConnect helps you get the care you need. And getting care is easier.


To start, you’ll get a health risk assessment.

  • After you join, your Cal MediConnect health plan will contact you.
  • They will ask questions to learn about your health history and your current and future health care needs and other service needs. This is known as a health assessment.
  • You can do the assessment in person, over the phone, or by mail. It is up to you!


Your health plan may give you a personal Care Coordinator.

A Care Coordinator is an experienced person who helps with your health care. A Care Coordinator can:

  • Answer questions about the services you are getting or may need.
  • Connect you to community services, such as Meals on Wheels.
  • Help you find a doctor, get services or products like canes approved by your plan, and make appointments.
  • Help you arrange transportation to see your doctor or pick up prescriptions.
  • Help you solve any problems you may have with your health plan, doctor, or care coordination.
  • Help you give your doctors the right information about your care and needs.


Your care team works together to give you coordinated care.

Your care team is a group of doctors and other providers. They share information about your health and work together to give you the care you need. Your team is put together based on your needs. It includes you, your Care Coordinator, and your primary care provider.

Your care team may also include: specialists, family members, caregivers, In-Home Supportive Services worker, case workers, and other providers.


Your care team works with you to create your care plan.

You and your care team create a care plan just for you. Your care plan includes the services you want and need. It helps your providers understand your health needs, goals, and wishes. Your final care plan must be approved by you.